An open source distributed tracing & observability platform.

Built to help developers

distributed transactions across microservices
cloud-native applications and microservices
critical application dependencies
application root cause analysis
application and service performance
How it works

Turn traces into insights

Hypertrace provides observability into your application architecture. It includes global, service and backend dashboards, allowing teams fast insight into service level objectives.

Collect distributed traces

Hypertrace ingests, in real time, traces in any major format. If your app or service mesh sends traces using Jaeger, OpenTelemetry or Zipkin, it already works with Hypertrace.

Enrich your tracing data

The Hypertrace Platform stores, aggregates, and prepares data for visualization and analysis.

Visualize real-time activity

Hypertrace presents actionable insights for app improvement using flowmaps, charts, reports, and customizable dashboards.

Features & capabilities

> Distributed tracing & correlation

End-to-end distributed tracing of all internal microservice and backend calls

> Application flow mapping

Real-time discovery and visualization of end-to-end application topology

> External API monitoring

Monitor all incoming API , web transactions, proxies, and API gateways

> Cloud-native app monitoring

Monitor East-West API traffic, internal microservice calls, and service mesh interactions.

> Backend monitoring

Monitor interactions with databases, backends, and 3rd party services.

> Trace filtering & visualizations

Search and visualize any trace to quickly identify and fix the root cause of performance problems

> Advanced trend analysis

Create any aggregation or grouping of traces to identify performance trends in your apps

> Entity-based drill downs

Investigate spans and traces based on incoming or outgoing service, API, backend, or other aggregated entities

Project origins

Hypertrace was originally developed by Traceable as a highly scalable distributed tracing platform. Traceable’s cloud-native application security platform is based on many of the same components used in Hypertrace.

Realizing that Hypertrace had advanced features found nowhere else, Traceable decided to make it available as a distributed tracing and observability platform and share it with the developer & ops community.

Every business and app should have access to a distributed tracing system. We hope the community feels empowered to contribute to the project and make it even better.

The Hypertrace Team

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